Advice & Tips – Salex Nasal Sprays

Advice & Tips to Using Salex Nasal Sprays

How To Use A Nasal Spray Correctly

1. Before using the nasal spray:

2. How to use nasal spray

3. After use and precautions:

Positions for Administering Nasal Sprays

These positions allow nasal medications to penetrate into the sinuses (highlighted in green in the right-hand column). To give the medications, get into the position shown and put the medication into the nose. Stay in the position for the amount of time specified by your healthcare provider. It is best to treat the frontal and ethmoid sinuses first, and then roll on your side into position to treat the maxillary sinus. After that, roll on your back to treat the sphenoid sinus. In this way, all the sinuses on one side are treated with a single application of the nasal medication. Start by giving the medications on the right side (frontal and ethmoid, then maxillary, then sphenoid), then repeat the entire procedure on the left side (frontal and ethmoid, then maxillary, then sphenoid).