Salex SF Sprays

The Only Saline Surfactant Nasal Sprays in South Africa

Salex SF Nasal Sprays offer a unique combination of 0.72% Saline with a Gentle Surfactant to help clear nasal congestion even better than saline or sea water on its own.

How Salex SF Works

  • 1. Surfactant loosens mucus better than saline on its own
  • 2. Saline helps to move loosened mucus out the nose
  • 3. This combination keeps the nasal mucosa moist for longer​
  • 4. This combination of saline/surfactant is also used to remove Biofilms, colonies of bacteria or fungi, from the nasal mucosa. These colonies are extremely difficult to remove and the only other way is to scrape them off during surgery.
Salex products are approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa. Click to visit the AFSA website to view all Salex Approved Products.
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