Salex XS Triple Action Nasal Spray

Salex XS is a unique Triple Action Formula safe nasal spray using the combined benefits of 0.72% Saline, Surfactant and Xylitol for fast relief from a blocked nose caused by colds, flu, allergies or sinus congestion. Safe for continuous daily use as often as required to help relieve a blocked nose.

Salex XS Triple Action Nasal Spray 20ml

What does each Active Ingredient do?

  1. Saline – Keeps the nasal passages well hydrated and helps to remove excess mucus, allowing one to breathe more easily through the nose.
  2. Surfactant – Has muco-active properties which break the surface tension between the mucus and and nasal passages, allowing the saline to easily remove it from the nasal passages.
  3. Xylitol – Prevents bacteria from sticking to the mucus membranes allowing them to be washed away more easily with the saline surfactant solution.

Salex XS Nasal Spray Benefits:

  • Alleviates a Blocked Nose Fast
  • Gently cleans, soothes and hydrates nasal passages
  • Isotonic formula will not burn or sting
  • Loosens and removes sticky and stubborn mucus
  • Safe for continuous daily use – no limitations
  • Not a Decongestant
  • Contains no sea water
  • Safe for use during Pregnancy and Breast feeding
Salex products are approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa. Click to visit the AFSA website to view all Salex Approved Products.
Reitzer Healthcare is the proud distributor of Salex Products. Should you have any queries regarding Salex Products, contact us directly.