Salex Rinses

The Only Saline with Surfactant Rinse in South Africa! There is no Substitute

When To Use a Saline Rinse

Salex Saline Sinus Rinse will be used for more severe nasal congestion where a normal nasal spray is not clearing enough or helping. ENT Specialists will also recommend rinsing the sinuses post-operatively to help clear the sinuses and nasal passages of any debris or dried blood and to prevent scabbing. Scroll down to see specific indications as well.

How Does a Sinus Rinse Work?

Salex Saline Sinus Rinse uses a High Volume, Low Pressure system to “Flush” the sinus and nasal cavities with Saline in order to loosen and clear any excess mucus. Saline will enter through the one nostril and run through the sinuses to clear out through the other nostril.
The Illustration gives a very good indication of where the saline solution will reach the sinuses during rinsing.

There are 3 different positions to use which will help to reach different parts of the sinus cavities better.

Salex products are approved by the Allergy Foundation of South Africa. Click to visit the AFSA website to view all Salex Approved Products.
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