Advice & Tips – Salex Rinses

Advice & Tips to Using Salex Rinses

Salex SSR Rinsing Positions

There are 3 x Different Positions available when rinsing the sinuses, and each position reaches different sinus cavities better.

Watch Instructional Video’s to Learn How To Rinse

The Do’s and Dont’s of Rinsing


• Always use Water which has been boiled and cooled down to body temperature
• Make the “Ka” sound while rinsing as this will stop solution going down the back of your throat.
• Discard any left-over solution after each rinse.
• Discard your rinsing bottle after 3 months of continuous use.
• Always wash the rinse bottle, nozzle and tube with soap and water and leave to dry before next use.


• Don’t block one other nostril while rinsing, the solution will flow in through one nostril and exit through the other one.
• Don’t store any left-over solution, this is to prevent contamination as it is preservative-free.
• Don’t Share your rinse bottle to avoid contamination.
• Do NOT use normal Tap Water, only use pre-boiled or Distilled Water at a lukewarm temperature.

Why Should Children Rinse?

1. Removes ALL mucus – no matter the colour or vescosity and reaches all the nasal and sinus cavities.
2. Easy to Use – Children are often more tolerant than parents might think. Let child watch our Instructional Video and also try making a game using our rinse bottle. scroll down for some ideas.
3. Can reduce the need for additional medication such as Antibiotics or Decongestants. Rinsing daily reduces mucus in the sinonasal cavities as well as mucosal thickening.
4. Cost-Effective and Convenient – Just think about all the medical savings or out of pocket monies going into buying medications, Salex SSR Paediatric Rinse retails for around R140 (R7,00 per Rinse) and is conviently pre-mixed, just add pre-boiled water for perfectly isotonic saline solution.

Helpful Tips to Teach Children How to Rinse

1. Let the child play with the squeeze bottle first, during bath time or anytime.
2. Let the child do it themselves whenever possible.
3. Remind child not to sniff in, but they can blow out after the irrigation.
4. Show child the Salex SSR Paediatric Instructional Video, so they can see other children doing it.
5. Don’t’ be afraid to bribe, positive reinforcement is key.
Remember! Always Lean head forward not back, so water doesn’t run down back of the throat.